A portrait of Victor Henry Fourcher, 1839-1910.

Victor's gun, lock and bike shop in Augusta, Georgia. The date can be identified as in the 1880's because of the model of bicycle. Gunsmiths often sold bikes because the same machine that made gun barrels could make the structure of a bicycle. Louis Herbert Fourcher took over the shop, but lost it all in the great Augusta fire of 1914.

Dated 1912 on the back of the picture, these are the children, children-in-law and grandchildren of Victor Henry as follows, from top to bottom, left to right: Louis Herbert, Jerome Kerr, Victor, Theodore, Harry, Augusta Harrington, Minnie, Virginia, Mamie, Emily, Kenneth, Daween, Victor, Reginauld, Charles, Herbert, Rosita, Lethia.

Emily and Virginia Fourcher, daughters of Victor Henry. I don't know much about their husbands, but I believe they died widows.

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