Charles, Zelona and Herbert (yes, that's a boy!) Fourcher. Louis Herbert and Augusta Harrington's kids.

Louis Herbert and baby Charles in front of the King Cotton Mill in Augusta. Probably taken in 1909. Behind the camera is probably the family's house, which Louis was given as overseer of the mill. He and the family would soon move out when they took over Victor Herbert's store after his death in 1910.

Little Charles and his father Louis Herbert on top of a two piston Harley Davidson. Louis sold these in his store.

Picture taken by Edwin Fourcher in South Dartmouth, MA in 1931. People are (from L to R): Augusta Harrington (Louis' wife), Louis Herbert, Zelona, Charles, Marie (Theo's wife), Herbert.

Probably taken in Southern California in the 1940's. People are (L to R): James Fourcher (Herbert's son), Herbert, Jordey Cronenweth, Doris Kay (Herbert's wife), and Rosita Cronenweth.

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