One of the unique things about being American is the constant question, "Who am I, and where did I come from?" Like most needlessly existential questions, this one has many answers. It can be nationality, "German and French", or geneological, "Lou Fourcher's son", or regional, "Mid-Western, Chicagoan." But the one I've been most interested in over the years has been geneological.

I think ever since I learned at a tender age that not everyone in my father's family had the same last name (my grandparents were Smith, Ireland, Chasmar and Fourcher), I've wondered who my family really was and where they came from. It's not an unusual question for a person to ask. When my father was young, he asked my grandfather who the Fourcher's were, "Mostly pirates and robbers in Louisiana," was the response. It may have turned my father off to geneology, but for me, how cool!

I don't really know if the pirate stuff is true or not. In fact, I don't know much about my family at all -- yet. Most of what I know has been cobbled together from old bibles, letters, pictures, etc. Over the years I hope to travel to the old family homesteads of Augusta, Georgia and New Orleans to learn more. But here's a smattering of what I do know:

  • - There's a street in New Orleans' warehouse district named "Foucher".

  • - There are lots of similarly pronouced, but different last named people, like "Fourche" and "Foucher".

  • - There's a "Lafourche Parish" (or county) in Southern Louisiana.

  • - I've heard of lots of African-Americans named "Fourcher" (or similar spelling). In fact, I went to high school with a Karma Foucher, but we never talked about the name.

OK, lots of leads. But I'm just beginning the process. I expect this investigation to stretch over years. So, if you're interested, check back and certainly let me know if you hear of something interesting!

About Some Other Names

This is mostly because that's the name I, Mike, was born with. Also, was taken by my second cousin, once removed, Fred Fourcher. But Fourcher's aren't my only family. I have equal roots in Smith, Ireland and Chasmar, with a foot each in Foss, Bisbee and Harrington. I'm also curious about Bataglias, espcially ones from New Jersey. Drop me a line if you know something. Also, don't hesitate to look at my family database.

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